Generative AI in the Era of
Large Language Models


International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in the Age of Digital Transformation ( Organized by the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques Nouakchott University, Nouakchott, Mauritania 23-25 April 2024.


24/04/2024 from 13:00 to 18:00


Generative AI is at the forefront of the current wave of rapid technological evolution, reshaping our understanding and interaction with artificial intelligence systems. A cornerstone of this evolution is large language models (LLMs) and foundation models in general. Through their ability to simulate human-like responses, foundation models have opened a plethora of opportunities across various fields. From natural language processing, and creative content generation, to complex problem-solving, the versatility of these technologies is reshaping industries and academic research. However, the development of generative technologies and LLMs for diverse domains presents unique challenges, particularly in ensuring their reliability, safety, and ethical use. This workshop will also discuss these challenges, focusing on the critical need for trustworthy AI systems that respect privacy, prevent bias, and operate within acceptable boundaries. The workshop will also cover current methods developed to meet these challenges and their wide scale of applications such as in education, finance, and health.

Furthermore, the workshop will explore the specific challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI and LLMs in the Arab world and North Africa. This region, with its rich linguistic and cultural diversity, offers a unique context for the application and development of these technologies. The workshop will discuss how generative AI can contribute to the region's technological advancement while considering the linguistic and cultural nuances.

Bringing together a group of expert scientists and professionals from both academia and industry, the workshop provides a platform for a comprehensive discussion on generative AI and LLMs. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with leading experts, share insights, and explore the future trajectory of these transformative technologies in a global context.

Speakers & Organizers

Muhammad Abdul-Mageed

Director UBC & MBZUAI

Mustafa Jarrar

Professor Birzeit University

Ismail Berrada

Professor UM6P

Ahmed Oumar

Researcher MBZUAI

Khalil Mrini

Senior Research Scientist ByteDance

Bridger (Waleed Ammar)

CEO and Affiliate Professor Holistic Intelligence for Global Good and University of Washington

Mohamedou El Ghotob Cheikh Tourad

CTO and Assistant Professor @ Faculty Of Sciences and Techniques Nouakchott University